Squarespace Help .....Enter....... Kerstin Martin

Anyone that has a business knows that it is important to have a website. People like to know who they are hiring or collaborating with on a project. I struggled for years with a wordpress website, until finally it got hacked and my hosting company sent me to a website security company for assistance. The price for assistance was a couple thousand dollars to get my website cleaned up and a thousand a month to keep it clean. Nope, could not do that, so I shut it down for about a year. After talking with a couple of website designers I believe where I failed was keeping everything updated and not deleting plugins that I was not using.

So this year a gentleman started working with my husband, whose wife designed squarespace websites. She also developed an online program of classes to assist people in learning and building a website with squarespace. Classes ! Oh, right up my alley, I love to learn.

Her name is Kerstin Martin. She is German and I love her accent. I have taken squarespace 101 and 201. I can not rave enough about the information that she gives you to be successful in building your website. One of the great things about the classes is that you can watch them over and over. This was great for me because sometimes, I do not get it the first time. She has a private facebook group for asking questions and sharing ideas.

So if you have a little bit of tech-ness in you and you would like to try to build your own website check Kerstin Martin’s website out. I think you will be glad.